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Visual Communication

"Visual Design deals with images that have the function of giving visual communication and visual information: signs, signals, symbols, meaning of shapes and colors, relationships between them."

"Graphic Design operates in the world of printing, books, advertising printed matter, wherever it is necessary to arrange a written word, either on a sheet of paper or on a bottle".

Today, Visual Communication includes both visual and graphic design with the addition of animation design and motion graphics. To be able to continue transmitting information, concepts, messages through the signs, signals and symbols in the languages ​​and in the style of our time and of the technologies in use.

Visual communication is the basis for transforming information, content and complex concepts into practical objects designed for a specific audience.

Whether it is infographics, video-infographics, advertising illustrations or learning objects, the goal is to convey the message at best for the benefit of those to whom it is addressed.


My Services

Graphic Design

Graphic Design is a very huge area.

I work on web design and print design, for both of them with a lot of passion .


If Design is beautiful so AnimationDesign is amazing. Motion graphic describes perfectly our complex and dinamic world.


I have a long experience in copy and naming.

I work in Italian, English, Spanish, French  and Catalan languages.


I love drawings  for other people projects and works.

 I draw handmade but I can't resist to digital painting.

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