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Aisha Design combines traditional crafts and contemporary designs, offering unique upcycled creations, from fashionable bags to embroidered home accessories.


Embroidered box made of olive wood

Aisha design

Aisha Dweikat / Palestine


Aisha Design creates fashionable bags, perfect for everyday use, travel or shopping. Each bag contains a separate pocket for your personal belongings such as phone and keys. And embroidered cushions and table runners or all Home accessories are designed to fit modern spaces design. All Home accessories are designed of various trendy colours to fulfil your taste with a special kind of uniqueness. Other Products are scarves and embroidered boxes olive wood. 

All styles are carefully chosen by Aisha Design in order to find the best colours and harmonise them in a way that combines heritage and tradition with modernity, which makes each product unique in colour, shape and feeling.

All products are sewed by the skilled hands of women from disadvantaged communities and refugee camps in Palestine.

Contact Aisha via Facebook for specific prices but, as an example, embroidered tote bags cost around ILS 105.


Why is your product/service good ?

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For the planet

It has recycled materials, organic materials, it’s compostable/recyclable, it doesn’t have plastic packaging, less energy needed  to produce it comparted to other brands, etc. Please try to give specific numbers if possible (CO2 saved, etc).

For people

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  • Supports local economies Aisha design is also a community project, as it creates access to jobs and a stable income.

  • Supporting vulnerable populations. It provides opportunities for by refugees and low-income women to have access to a stable income.

  • Supporting traditional crafts/artisans  The product is locally produced, all products of Aisha Design are handmade-stitched by refugees and low-income women artists in Palestine,

Who is behind this product?

Aisha Dweikat is a designer and a green businesswoman, her passion is design and she loves creating the details without feeling the time it takes. 

Aisha design started as a project in 2013 with an exclusive line for Jewellery silver and olive wood Jewellery production based on Palestinian original designs. This evolved in 2015 to have a new production line designed to aim at promoting awareness against the accumulation of fabric waste and over-consumption. Aisha Design creates job opportunities from leftover and up-cycling techniques promoting the skills and talents of local artisans in Palestine and encourage the use of environmentally friendly materials in design which merged the bridge between up-cycled product and the Heritages and aesthetics.





What is the entrepreneur searching for?

Increasing sales in international markets? In specific countries? Is your product targeting consumers or other businesses?)

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